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So where do I get this stuff? Email Address. Theme by HB-Themes. Blank Keycaps December 7, Uncategorized. Keylection for more awesome keyboard pics! Another way to customize your mechanical keyboard is with blank keycaps. Hobbyists use blank keycaps to achieve a minimal aesthetic and also to show off their touch typing skills.

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If you think about it though, how often do you actually look down to check which individual letters you are typing on?

Especially if you are in this hobby, probably not so often. Here is a good example from my office setup :. Although they are artisan keycapsthey are neutral and help cover the modifiers that did not come with the rest of the keycap set I had. The HHKB, a. You can get individual blank keycaps by keycap profile see: Overview of Keycap Profile Types directly from several vendors. I personally have a lot of experience buying direct from Signature Plastics and would definitely recommend them if you are looking to either get a full blank set or fill in for mismatched modifiers.

Signature Plastics : Individual keycaps in packs of 2 or 4. Signature Plastics carries a ton of color options available be sure to use their color guide! Keycap profile compatibility:. WASD keyboards gives options!

They also have ready-to-ship keycaps both made by them and GMK with popular colorways. MAXkeyboard : Individual keycaps, fully customizeable sets. There are plenty of full blank keycap set options available online. Here are a few that you can buy right now:.

Features: more than 20 different color options to choose from with each kit. You can mix and match for your own custom made colorway. Features: You have the option to change the legend fonts and keycap colors.

They have a useful UI to customize your keycap set. You can also change each individual key to the color options available.The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content in a friendly, loosely moderated setting. When submitting a link or text-post, tagging your submission will help others find it quickly Hint: Use our Tag Guide for help.

What keyboard do I buy? Where can I buy it? Keyboard Maintenance. Keyboard Modifications.

blank keycaps reddit

Keyboard FUN! How you can contribute to the Wiki. Other Keyboard Resources. Discord Server - How to Verify. Okay, forgive me, I'm brand new to mechanical keyboards and still on the market for my first. I'm just in my first phases of research and am kinda setting my sights on the new Ducky Shine when it comes out.

Online Exclusives!!!Blank Rubber Gaming Keycaps-4 Keys (1u) Each package includes 4 Color

I keep noticing loads of folk on this subreddit putting blanks on their keyboards. Why is this a thing? I feel like I've completely missing something, especially since so many people do it. And then they get compliments galore. I can't help feel that you've made the keyboard worse by blanking it Could someone please outline why blank keycaps are popular, or used at all?

Is it because keys can be reprogrammed so therefore any etched keys might be misleading? Seriously confused and would love an 'aha!

Minimalism is the biggest factor. I think dissuading non touch typists is another factor as well. Different layouts : As you mentioned, unusual layouts like colemak or dvorak are much harder to find keycaps for. Custom physical like an ergodox also often use blanks. No need for legends : If you can touch type and don't need legends you might as well get blanks.

Because it's cool : all the cool kids do it and everyone wants to be like them. I think most people here know their keyboards well enough to not have to look at them when they type, and if you don't need to look at the keyboard to type, why have legends at all?Exclusive to Signature Plastics.

An SA-height profile similar to a snow globe, with a rounded top to help magnify the inner contents. Originally exclusive to Signature Plastics. Reddit G20 Uniform Flat uniform profile with rounded corners and a large surface area. Used in the Semiotic and Stealth keycaps sets from Signature Plastics. Similar to SA, but shorter and less sculpted.

Cherry Profile

Similar to SA. Early production runs in doubleshot PBT suffered quality control issues, such as broken, missing and misaligned stems. Massdrop KBDFans. Via geekhack. Voron vs. V-King vs. D-Bot vs. HyperCube Evo. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Used in artisan keycaps. Dwarf Factory. Flat uniform profile with rounded corners and a large surface area. Introduced by JTK in Keys fit the Cherry MX Switch. Please note that colors pictured are meant to serve as a guide. Actual keycap colors may vary.

Slight color variations are within industry standards of acceptability. Numpad Modifier Set includes: 5- 1x Keys 2 - 2x Keys. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Showing reviews of 52 Next.

Love the DSA profile, works well on ortho boards.


Good prices. Uniform profile is really a game changer for me. Can't really see any room for improvement in quality. It took a few presses for the keycaps to set into my gateron brown switches, but after they were in, everything felt amazing. Love these high quality keycaps! These were my first keycaps and it was definitely worth the price!

They arrived on time, well protected, and the color samples on the website were very accurate. The caps were all the same size and had no flashing or breakouts where the injection gates would be. I highly recommend this product to anybody who wants a quality custom cap. Shipping was really fast, and the keycaps are great quality and feel really nice to type on. I'd definitely buy from PMK again.

Everything fits super tight on the keys themselves, almost afraid of breaking something if I pull one off. Very pleased with the caps. The caps feel pleasant, and I like using them.The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content in a friendly, loosely moderated setting.

When submitting a link or text-post, tagging your submission will help others find it quickly Hint: Use our Tag Guide for help. What keyboard do I buy? Where can I buy it? Keyboard Maintenance. Keyboard Modifications. Keyboard FUN!

How you can contribute to the Wiki. Other Keyboard Resources. Discord Server - How to Verify. Blank SA Keycaps self. I am looking for a set of blank, black sculpted SA keycaps. I will be building my very first mech from a planck kit ortolinear and I am looking for r2, r3 and r4 caps. I want to have a blank set because I plan on learning dvorak and such SA sets are quite impossible to acquire. I also like the look of blanks.

Does anyone know where I can get these? I saw that ohkeycaps sells them individually, but that is more expensive then a set, plus they're sold out for 1u keys :.

The Art of Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

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All rights reserved. MechanicalKeyboards comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.Currency U. Dollar USD. View Cart Contact Us. Keyboards by Brand Ducky Keyboards One 2 Mini One 2 SF Mecha Mini One Shine One RGB One Rainbow Year of the Monkey Year of the Rooster Year of the Dog Year of the Pig Varmilo Keyboards Cherry Keyboards Leopold Keyboards FCM OE FCR OE MK Keyboards MK Typist MK Disco MK Fission MK Shadow Guard Vortex Keyboards Race POK3R V Kaihua Keyboards Obins Keyboards Anne Pro You have to build them.

What I am saying is that recieving your keyboard from Amazon or MechanicalKeyboards. Take my Saber 68for example. It started off as a barebones board I grabbed from a seller on Reddit. Between that and the aluminium Saber 68 case the folks at Originative briefly had up for sale, I wound up with one of my favorite keyboards. Putting together a good look can be a bit of a process, but the results are pretty stunning. Pop one of the smaller keys from your board the larger ones often make use of stabilizers, which can be a bit tricky and see what sort of switch lies beneath.

If you see this cross under your keycap, then congratulations, you either have Cherry MX switches or one of numerous MX compatibles. The majority of keysets are made for this switch profile, so your choices are vast and varied.

Used in some of the most coveted and beloved mechanical keyboards, no one who has a Topre-switched board is unaware that is what they have, and will mention it at every turn. I have two of them. Finding full keysets for these can be tough and expensive, though some Topre switches come with MX steams in the center for keycap purposes, and there are adapaters available.

This is an Alps switch. You may see switches in other shapes. Have a look. There are several different materials used to make standard keycaps, but there are only two you really need to worry about when it comes to buying custom keys and keysets. ABS: Most keycaps on the market are made from good old acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

In fact a whole lot of computer peripherals are made out of ABS. Which is better? Find yourself a keyboard swap meet or event and see how you like the feel of each. Singles: The journey of several million strokes begins with a single cap. The escape key is always a good choice. Want to take things a step further? Modifier Sets: If you want to give your keyboard a splash of color, consider just getting your modifiers done.

Leave the alphanumerics alone for right now and let the shift, ctrl, alt and enter keys strut their stuff. Replace your WASD keys or arrow keys. Find a cool way to highlight some of the keys you use the most.

This is where things get dangerous for your wallet.

blank keycaps reddit

You start off small, maybe picking up a set made by Tai-Hao, one of the most prolific and reasonably-priced keyset makers out there. You know what would really look good?

That Devil set from JT Keycaps. The colors are but sharper, the plastic a little thicker. The insert is molded first, then the cap. Many companies do this, but GMK is widely considered one of the best. This is exactly the process I went through as I discovered the joy of keysets.

blank keycaps reddit

Not only is collecting and trading the different colors and combinations compelling, the act of pulling off keys and placing new ones is quite relaxing. Fun, rewarding and expensive!

blank keycaps reddit

Here are some tips for buying keycap sets to help lessen that last bit.

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